Prayers goes to PO's Dennis Guerra (RIP) and Rosa Rodriguez (still fighting) who were killed and critically injured responding to a fire. We have their children and families in our thoughts during this difficult time!
NYPD Boxing with the NYPD Hispanic Society does it again, a SMOKER event to remember, NOW JOIN US FRIDAY 3/14 NYPD VS GARDA, ALSO CLICK ON LINK FOR RECAPS & MORE IN THE MAIN EVENT PAGE
Want the latest info in the Smoker Talk? Need some tips to improve your boxing skills from The Internet Boxer? Click on the link and see what we have to offer and preview on Smoker Talk!
Below Smoker Talk with Cops & Kids Champion Earl Newman
Below Diversity in Cops & Kids


Dave Siev and Joel Allen of the NYPD Boxing Team stopped by the Flatbush gym with plenty of boxing equipment they purchased with proceeds from the last Smoker in the Bronx. Thank You NYPDs Finest!!!